The Iliad Apartments

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Available Apartments

Any knowledge of an apartment which will be available in the future, will be listed in the grid below  .  .  .  if we have had the time to update the site :-}

  Apartment   Date Available   Rent   Square Feet   Flyer Pictures Floor Plan 2D Floor Plan 3D Brochoure  
101 ~ 1BR+1BA May 1st $1,212.00 577 101fly.pdf Similar 101fp2D.pdf
301 ~ 2BR+1BA May 1st   $1,659.00 790  301fly.pdf 301pic.pdf   301fp2D.pdf    

Application Form:

Fill this application out and bring it with you when you to apply for an apartment.
If you prefer, schedule a tour of the apartment and building and the application will be provided for you.
We will need to check your  state or nationally issued photo ID.
Bring your check book if you want us to process your application.
The current rate is $33.68 per applicant.


The Iliad Apartments uses On-Site to process you aplication.  We charge you the exact amount they charge us.
Because you have paid us to access this information you are entitled to a copy of it. More information can be found here.