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~ Where to park while moving your stuff in & out of the building. ~

Please be careful not to do damage to the elevator door, or any other door and especially the door casings or any other part of the building while moving in or out of the building. The exit signs and hall lights have been the victim of tenants and professional movers over the years and the stairwell walls have been gouged by many a misguided piece of furniture. Please let us know if you need one or any of the paintings moved or if there is any damage caused by moving your stuff in out out of the building.

We have an elevator key which will hold the elevator open for you while you are moving your stuff in and out of it. This prevents damage to the door and the annoying need for it to close while you are loading and unloading your stuff. Please remember there are other people in the building who may need to use the elevator so remove the key between trips and remember to return the key when you have finished moving.

Usually the best place to move in and out of the building is through the mail room using the elevator on the ground floor. Park at the corner of Bellevue Ave East & East Loretta Place. Put the nose of the truck on the bushes there and make sure the truck is on our property, not on the sidewalk but next to the sidewalk.

The front entrance to the Iliad is on East Loretta Place, not Bellevue Ave East as the address suggests. This entrance is on a hill and can be more difficult to use for some or easier for others. If you use this entrance, make sure to park with the front end of your truck pointing down the hill so things wont fall off your truck. I have seen people park the other way and results may vary. You are also at risk of being ticketed as you are not on Iliad property and on the wrong side of the road.

If you use the 2nd floor door under the carport be very very careful to measure your moving truck. There have been several instances where the truck did not fit under the drive through area and the truck and the building have been damaged. This is a costly repair and can be very dangerous. Please be careful as you will be held liable for any and all damages.
Make sure a person stays with your vehicle at all times as the people who pay to park in spaces 20 through 26 can not get in or out because you are blocking them and they may ask you to move out of the way so please be considerate of your new neighbors.
The ITU.pdf
You can use the ITU aka "The Iliad Transportation Unit". It a large box with wheels. The middle shelf is removable and can be inserted into the side vertically to create a larger box. The tops flip open for easy access. It has handles at each end which is very important as you need to lift the wheels of the ITU over the threshold of the each doorway and in/out of the elevator. The ITU was built to fit in the elevator horizontally and vertically however most people don’t have the skill to protect the doors when doing so vertically so go horizontal. Please remember to use the handles to lift the wheels over the threshold of the elevator and each door as the wheels may fall off if used incorrectly. Return the ITU to the 1st floor stairwell where it is available to everyone all the time when you are done.

Please don't use the ITU on the sidewalk, it wil damage the wheeles.
It can be used on the ground floor carport as the concrete is smooth and inside the buildig.
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